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Τετάρτη, 25 Μαΐου 2011

PROMUNITED - Promotional Gifts Websites

Dear Advertising   ,  Public Relations and Marketing  Agent and Expert,

 You have a  successful Advertising  &  Public Relations Agency  in your Country .   Why not  adding   the very  promising  and profits  bringing promotional gifts  section  ?  Your  Clientele will  appreciate  this as you offer  to them a  complete package .

 We are  here to back you  with our 30 years of experience and  the  doubtless biggest and  professional  websites  in the world in the promotional field .   

 Please  read  bellow  more  details  and are here for you for any suggestion and queries  you may have .

 Please  visit the website

 What you see is  the biggest package of  sites( updated  every week )  exclusively for the  field of  promotion products   in the  world .

 If you  want to own this  websites ( all the  12)   and be the only one  in your country to use, as marketing tool, the cost is usd 15000 (one time  charge no any yearly  maintenances ) and  automatically you  present  your Company in your  Country as  “the” real  promotional products professional  .

 You have  also the option to   select  and purchase   a  minimum   of 6  websites  at  1.000  usd per  site , but in that case we  are free to promote the remaining  websites to other Company   within the  same Country . We  have the method  to make the  website be individualized and  show  that this is yours . See  an example. If your Company  name  was Adgifts Ltd. then we  make the website to be and  all 12 websites will be changed  accordingly  .  The agent  who  will be  selected  will have the  right to ask us to translate the sites  in his language ( there  will be  a small surcharge) . Additionally there is privacy which means no one  can find out who is the owner of the  site .

 The  selected country agent  of Promunited will be able to send out  to  his  clientele  the  site that he wishes  according to the products range  and activity of his customer and impress him . We can help  by  making  individualized  introductory impressive flyer ( we  can before you engage yourself  to  make an  example for you )  and , as we  have the knowhow to send for you bulk emails so that  you face no any problem   ( small  surcharge  is  involved ) .

 We  in China have the offices  , the organization and the team to supply for any  of the items of  the  websites ( according to quantities ,  colors of print as  well as  target delivery) the most  competitive  prices and same time take over your  orders and  follow up professionally for  quality  control and prompt  delivery . It is obvious that we  are here for you  not only for the items that are in  the sites  but for any request  your  customers may have ,suggesting ideas  and giving the  lowest  prices  possible in the  market.

 You are in front of a unique challenge  and an opportunity .We  assure you that you  will get  in your  Country  the biggest  number  of  orders .

 Anything more, feel free to ask us.

Kind Regards

Prom United





Welcome, Anything more, feel free to ask me.
Best Regards

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